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The DoorWays project was established to support and assist young people aged 13-25, living in and around Saltburn, to create a fuller integration in their local community. DoorWays is run and supported by the generous donations of local people, businesses and charitable grants. The more funding we receive the more we can help young people improve their conditions of life and develop their physical, emotional and spiritual capabilities.

Calling all Volunteers

If you are considering volunteering, Doorways would be happy to talk to you. Even small tasks are valued, as it enables others to get on with the job in hand; whether it is cleaning, admin or attending meetings on our behalf – it all counts. Please feel free to drop in at any time or call us.

Who we are helping and how

Unemployment in our area is high and the prospect of work is low. Also we have a number of young people living in low cost bed-sits, on benefits and a number of these are suffering mental health, depression or anxiety. For those who are in most need, they find their way to DoorWays from throughout the East Cleveland area. Often at the root of these difficulties are broken families/ relationships and lack of parental support; this is not exclusive to deprived areas of Redcar & Cleveland. Alcohol, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy, bullying and homelessness are real issues throughout our area. Levels of anti-social behaviour on our streets have seen reductions and will continue to benefit from further street-work. DoorWays have a close working relationship with the Youth offending team, it is identified that young people going through the probation system are not making the necessary changes and re-offending.

Most intervention programmes generally run at the reactive level and does not address the real cause and can therefore only place a sticking plaster on the situation. It is evident that for the homeless, unemployed, those with relationship issues and young offenders; underlying problems exist. As a project, DoorWays want to visit these areas with our young people on a one to one basis or where appropriate in group work.  To encourage change in others, to manage their situations and see themselves in control of their future is how we want to work; at the often emotional level establishing foundations that will support improved structures.

DoorWays is in a position to work closely with young people in a support and development role, to enable the young person to move on using social emotional aspects of learning and NLP, which is an attitude and a methodology leaving behind a trail of tools and techniques which the young person can use to affect changes. The one to one programme consists of seven one hour sessions particularly focused on young offenders, enabling change in attitudes and behaviour. These cover accommodation, careers, increased self worth, confidence and dealing with emotions. Skills in budgeting, job interviews and writing a CV; working on a one to one basis we have improved our working strategy with the young people in achieving better outcomes.

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