Working from our software “Opps Knocks” employability, the decision was made to incorporate the functionality on a website – access for all.
The Heroes Journey
The cycle, or process of a hero’s journey, provides a pattern that is effective and realistic in accomplishing change (achieving an outcome).
This pattern was first unraveled by Joseph Campbell in his book “A Hero of a Thousand Faces”.
Our heritage is more than just buildings and landscapes, more than mans progress through his ingenuity and quest to do things better.  His striving to move forward leaves a wake of changes and in the speed of these changes we seem to have left behind some of the better qualities (Values).
Life Skills Labyrinth
The Life-Skills Labyrinth is an innovative multi-sensory learning resource that leads the student through a themed labyrinth of “Railway Stations”. Many young people have missed out on some of the very basic stepping stones of life. This resource is an attempt to establish some of these stones. We believe young people exit the Labyrinth with a different view of how things can be.
Digital Stories
A move to enable young people to create a short story, using digital media, available through the summer holidays.
Health & Well-being App       
Young people access information in many ways Google, Youtube and Mobile Apps. This is a project with a bias to health and well being information through a Mobile App.
       DoorWays Youth Project has been helping young people 13-25 for over 16 years; particularly those who are living outside family support. Our project is a registered charity and works closely with many voluntary sector and statutory organisations.
The ethos of the project is open door and non-judgemental in its relationship with young people.
Based in Saltburn town centre, Doorways reaches out to young people throughout East Cleveland through contact at the centre, social media – Website, Twitter, Facebook and street work. The drop-in provides Internet, printing, emergency food, support and advice; it is also a safe place to be just you.
Support is offered to the unemployed, young offenders, homeless, those caught up in risk taking behaviour, sexual health issues and general well-being. Support is both practical and emotional as often with these situations there is an underlying emotional/ behavioural issue. The project often engages in one-to-one sessions within an NLP framework, enabling change in attitude and behaviour; seeing a problem from a different perspective can reveal positive opportunities. Sessions with young people are particularly beneficial to the young offenders, those engaging in risk taking behaviour and confidence building for the unemployed.
Funding is the biggest issue we face today as local council reduce their budgets and more people seek out support from voluntary sector projects; charitable foundations that we write to seem to not have sufficient cash to go round and the Big society plan seems to be working but without government financial support.
DoorWays have taken the initiative and moved forward to generate some of its own income. Staying true to our core values in supporting young people, the project has designed two software resource packages. One is aimed at schools and projects working with young people. Titled Life-Skills Labyrinth – this is a journey exploring life-skills such as values, responsibility, choices, strategies, relationships and staying safe. The software is fully interactive (audio, video, puzzles and workbook) and generates up to seven further lesson plans.
Our latest development is Opps Knocks, Employability software. As we work with the unemployed a number of elements are needed: develop a profile to help choose a career path, CV writing, cover letter, job search, interviews and create an email account; quite intensive work for an advisor. The software package enables the client to take ownership of the process, it is very simple to use and provides hints and tips throughout; the advisor supports rather than leads. Employability software is aimed at businesses, voluntary sector and statutory agencies engaging with unemployed of all ages.

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