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5 Ways to Well-being
Saltburn Christian Projects (Doorways) have secured five-years funding through Reaching Communities Big Lottery Fund (up to Jul 2021); working in partnership with Destinations Saltburn, an Internet Café and Online training centre.
Our aim is to increase people’s well-being, which in turn improves their Health, mental ability, sense of awareness, choices and achievement; enabling change in outlook and an ability to set positive outcomes for themselves, their families and the community.The project will use the “5 ways to well-being” as a framework to deliver services to our local communities.
Many of our young people come to the project, looking to increase their employability skills. From our experience, we created a website around thees skills. Doorways also provides a facebook page
“Redcar & Cleveland Job site” 
The Heroes Journey
The cycle, or process of a hero’s journey, provides a pattern that is effective and realistic in accomplishing change (achieving an outcome).
This pattern was first unraveled by Joseph Campbell in his book “A Hero of a Thousand Faces”.
Hava Word
A virtual project for children and young people 8-18 living in Redcar & Cleveland.
If you are interested in Journalism, reporting on Sport/ Music or creating Graphics/ Stories/ Videos and much more – then this is for you.
Work together with a friend / Youth clubs or on your own.Just follow the link – send us a message in the contact form.
Our heritage is more than just buildings and landscapes, more than mans progress through his ingenuity and quest to do things better.  His striving to move forward leaves a wake of changes and in the speed of these changes we seem to have left behind some of the better qualities (Values).
Life Skills Labyrinth
The Life-Skills Labyrinth is an innovative multi-sensory learning resource that leads the student through a themed labyrinth of “Railway Stations”. Many young people have missed out on some of the very basic stepping stones of life. This resource is an attempt to establish some of these stones. We believe young people exit the Labyrinth with a different view of how things can be.
Digital Stories
A move to enable young people to create a short story, using digital media, available through the summer holidays.
Health & Well-being App       
Young people access information in many ways Google, Youtube and Mobile Apps. This is a project with a bias to health and well being information through a Mobile App.